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Middle School

Cyber Village Academy Middle School encompasses Grades 5-8 (Grades 6-8 for the PASCAL program). Fusion students take a variety of classes including Spanish and physical education in addition to English Language Arts, math, social studies and science. In addition, students take a semester of technology and a semester of either visual arts or music.
All students develop an individualized learning plan which helps them set goals in all subject areas. When developing these plans, we're attentive to far more than standardized test scores. We also include goals related to our Cyber, Village and Academy themes.
Middle school can be a particularly challenging time for some students, and many student come to us for our smaller, calmer and more respectful environment. We have a saying here: "We treat our kids like human beings and then they do the same to us in return." It works. Daily advisory meetings and monthly school assemblies also contribute to our school culture.
If you're interesting in seeing our environment first hand, please contact the school to schedule a tour!