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Board Meetings and Annual Reports

April Board Meeting Update:
The April board meeting will be held on Saturday, April 15 from Noon - 1:30pm at the CVA Library.

2022-2023 School Board Meetings
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CVA Board Meetings will be held in person at Cyber Village Academy, Library.
August:  Minutes
September: Minutes
October: Minutes
November (Virtual - weather related emergency): Agenda
December: Agenda
January 12, 2023 - World's Best Work Force (Special Meeting): Agenda
January: Agenda
February: Agenda
March: Agenda
April: Agenda
May: Agenda
June (if needed): Agenda

Board Agendas, Minutes & Annual Reports
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Strategic Plan 2020

Annual Reports and Audits

2022 Annual Report 2022 Financial Audit 2022 Management Audit
2021 Annual Report 2021 Financial Audit 2021 Management Audit
2020 Annual Report 2020 Financial Audit 2020 Management Audit
 2019 Annual Report  2019 Financial Audit  2019 Management Audit
   2018 Financial Audit  2018 Management Audit
   2017 Financial Audit 2017 Management Audit
2016 Annual Report 2016 Financial Audit 2016 Management Audit
2015 Annual Report 2015 Financial Audit 2015 Management Audit
2014 Financial Audit
2013 Financial Audit
2012 Financial Audit
2011 Financial Audit
2010 Financial Audit
2014 Management Audit
2013 Management Audit
2012 Management Audit
2011 Management Audit
2010 Management Audit
  *School improvement plans have been integrated into World's Best Workforce report.
Virtual Properties, Affiliate Building Corporation for Cyber Village Academy.  Meetings held two times a year.  Contact for additional information.