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Elementary Grades

Our elementary level program consists of a K-1 classroom, a Grades 2-3 classroom, and a Grade 4 and 5 classroom. Small classes and rooms plentiful in both traditional and technology-based resources provide an engaging and enjoyable learning environment. Along with the basics of reading and math, students learn science, social studies and focus on creating individual learning goals in all grade levels.
Young kids using a giant touch screen in class
Patterned after our long-successful middle school program, each week students spend three days on campus and two days participating from home. Although we call those "online days," only a portion of the day is spent at the computer. Together, parents and kids work with lesson plans and materials prepared by the classroom teacher and suitable for doing at home.
For those who want more support, a separate elementary Study Center is available on all online days. Under the supervision of CVA staff, students can get all their work done and be with any of their classmates who also opt for Study Center.
In 2020-21 school year we offered a 100% online learning environnment for K-5 students to support all learners. Programming will continue for 2021-2022 school year.  Students in the online program have opportuntiies through Calvert Learning to have synchronous lessons in addition to taking advantage of the flexibility of being 100% asynchronous if that best serves the students' needs.  We believe that it is very important to have young learners in our space to learn a variety of skills that are hard to be taught in the 100% virtual environment. As we continue to navigate 100% online learning for our K-5 students we will adjust our program offerings accordingly.

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