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You can download our annual calendar here
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For a more detailed event calendar, please use the calendar below.

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Upcoming Events
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At this time we are doing virtual tours and individual meetings with interested families. For more information and a virtual tour immediately, click here.  Contact our main office with additional questions.


Orientation will be available as new students begin. We will offer an AM and PM orientaiton in person for Fusion students. PASCAL orientation will be scheduled on an as needed basis.
Contact our main office with additional questions.

Testing Dates for 2022-23 School Year:
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NWEA, MCA and ACCESS tests will be administered to students at Cyber Village Academy. Information will be sent to families regarding specific testing times for each grade level. Students, including those in the online PASCAL program, are required to participate in state MCA testing.

For 2022-2023 schedule and general information please click here!

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