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About Our Staff

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing your child a world-class education. CVA parents have consistently identified the faculty as the number one reasons for choosing and staying at Cyber Village Academy. We maintain a student-teacher ratio approximately 12:1 and an overall staff ratio of approximately 8.3:1. We know our students well!

All CVA Faculty and Staff share high standards, both for their students and for themselves. Results are evident in our school's test scores, outstanding student projects, amazing concerts and musicals, and excellent performance on national academic competitions.

In addition to normal school hours Monday through Wednesday, teachers are available on Thursdays and Fridays to answer questions and guide student projects. All teachers have specific office hours on Thursdays and Fridays in addition to their general availability. Contact teachers via phone, email or visit in person (on campus).

Our teachers are truly committed to the ideals and structures of Cyber Village Academy.

Our teachers promise to:

1. Treat all students with respect and fairness at all times.

2. Contact parents directly and promptly if there are significant achievements or challenges to be shared.

3. Respond promptly to student and parent phone calls and emails.

4. Provide feedback and grades on student work in a timely fashion to ensure feedback can be used by students to improve learning.

5. Communicate clearly to students the learning goals for each lesson and assist students in achieving those goals.

6. Follow school policies and practices to ensure consistency throughout the school.

7. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of student information in compliance with state and federal data privacy laws and the MN teacher code of ethics.

8. Work to continually improve my teaching skills for the benefit of all students.

9. Model respectful behavior in all environments and proper netiquette in all email and online communications.

10. Provide curriculum, instruction, homework and assessments that consider the learning needs of the students.


Click here for information about each staff member and how to contact them.