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You can download our annual calendar here
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For a more detailed event calendar, please use the calendar below.

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Upcoming Events
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Summer School 2021

Cyber Village Academy will be offering in-person and online summer learning opportunities for students in Grades 1-12. Summer programs are designed to help students fill in gaps in their learning, recover lost credits, and prepare more thoroughly for next year. This opportunity is available free to all new and returning CVA students, as well as those who attended CVA this year but are choosing not to return in the fall.  Non-CVA students may also participate for a nominal fee.  There are options to be in the building for six weeks, Monday through Thursday, for students entering Grades 1 - 9.  There are 100% fully online options for students entering Grades 1 - 12+ and options to earn high school credit for students entering Grades 9 - 12+.  
Please click here for specific information on the various programs that are available. 
Please contact Nick Rice, Assistant Director, if you have additional questions.  Sign-up closes on May 31, 2021.


At this time we are doing virtual tours and individual meetings with interested families. For more information and a virtual tour immediately, click here.  Contact our main office with additional questions.


Currently our orientations are happening virtually. We have specific items for families to engage in so they can understand CVA's philosophies and navigate the variety of support systems and programs we have in place. Upon registration, families will be given additional information to attend an orientation meeting and watch the corresponding video orientation.  
Contact our main office with additional questions.

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