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About Me

I have been working here at Cyber Village Academy since 2015. I started out working with High School Students as a Paraprofessional and then have moved on to being the High School Coordinator and PASCAL Coordinator beginning this school year.  My current position is half time PASCAL Coordinator and half time High School Coordinator.

When I have my High School Coordinating hat on, I am in charge of several different things. In particular, I am in charge of setting up testing, creating (and changing) student schedules, keeping up on the current graduation requirements, advocating for students in multiple ways, helping students sign up for PSEO or apply to college, planning field trips, planning extra curricular activities, going to conferences (often times online learning conferences), among many other things! If you have questions about Cyber Village Academy High School please contact me at

The other part of my job is the PASCAL coordinator. As the PASCAL coordinator, I work on researching new and exciting ways to deliver content to our 100% online students. I work with all of the teachers who teach PASCAL classes along with all of the PASCAL students. I sign up students for their online courses and communicate with students and parents. I am also the chief troubleshooter on anything and everything PASCAL related. If you have questions about CVA's PASCAL program, please contact me at

Outside of working at Cyber Village Academy, I love to keep myself busy! I enjoying cooking, reading, spending time with my girlfriend, hiking, swimming, and enjoying the great outdoors.

CVA High School in action

CVA HS students performing in a Hand Bells concert.

CVA HS students showing off their quarterly awards. Congratulations!

Cookies! Nom Nom Nom

Building catapults for Physical Science class.

Design your own cookie time!

Math day at the Zoo!

History Day Cameo

Sam Petersen-Perlman