Pre-Algebra - 7th Grade Mathematics

Welcome to Pre-Algebra!!

Units we will be focusing on in class:


  • Algebra Basics
  • Integers and Equations


  • Factors and Fractions
  • Rational Numbers
  • Proportion, Percent, and Interest


  • Probability and Graphs
  • Equations and Inequalities


  • Functions and Graphing
  • Algebra and Geometry


Weekly Expectations

Students will have an individual ALEKS goal based on the number of topics left to master and the course completion date. Goals will be emailed to each student.  It is the student's responsibility to put this goal into their ILP.


Students will conference with their me 2 times per quarter to evaluate/set individual math goals, work on specific topics, assess progress, etc.  If students need additional help on their topics, they are welcome set up specific meeting times with their teacher before or after school or during Thursdays or Fridays.  Phone conferences can also be arranged for help or clarification.


There will be 2 different types of assessments given in ALEKS:

  1. Progress Assessments - these assessments are automatically generated by ALEKS.  These assessments are basically non-graded quizzes that ensure students are retaining the material most recently learned in ALEKS.  For students who are keeping up with their weekly ALEKS assignments, these assessments will be activated roughly every 2-3 weeks. These can be taken either at home or at school, but the student is not allowed to receive help.
  2. Graded Comprehensive Assessments -  these assessments are generated by me, your teacher, twice a quarter.  These are graded assessments and will count for 50% of the quarter grade.  These assessments cover the entire course and scores/percentages will be based on the student goals and growth through the year. These assessments MUST be taken at school - students are not allowed to receive help on these assessments.

Please note that while students can get help on their ALEKS lessons, they CAN NOT receive any help on any type of assessment.