Class Policies

Be ready to learn
Say please and thank you
Dream Big
Keep your hands to yourself
Be respectful
Do your best
Use manners
Try new things
Take risks & make mistakes
Raise your hand
Follow directions
Work Hard

  • Tardies: All classes are consistent with the school's policy regarding tardies. 
  • Absences: You are responsible for making up work missed due to excused absences. You must make arrangements with me immediately upon returning to class. I will not remind you to make up missed assignments.
  • Attendance Policy for off-campus days:  Please remember that you will be marked "present" or "absent" from class based upon the work that you complete/turn-in on the date due.  To ensure that you are not marked "absent" from class, complete and turn in all of your work on time.  If you NEED an extension, you must make arrangements with me.
  • Truancies: You will receive a zero for all work due on the day of an unexcused absence.

Please use a pencil for all math assignments - you are not expected to get everything right the first time, so you will want to use your eraser :).

Assignments are given a point value of 0-10:

  • 10 = A
  • 9 = A-
  • 8 = B-
  • 7 = C-
  • 6 = D-
  • 5 and below = F

Your quarter grades will be based on a percentage:

  • 90 - 100% = A
  • 80-89%     = B
  • 70 - 79%   = C
  • 60-69%     = D

Please turn off all electronics, including phones, music players, etc., before you enter the classroom. Unless you have been requested to use it, any cellphone or electronic device on display will be sent immediately to the office, where you may retrieve it at the end of the school day.