Advisory Themes
September:  Responsibility
October - Positive Attitudes
November - Appreciation
December - Respect
January - Self-Discipline
February - Caring
March - Choice and Accountability
April - Problem Solving
May - Imagination

What is Advisory?

Each student is assigned an advisor generally based on class level. Students in Grades 3-8 meet with their advisory group daily on on-campus days. Advisory time will be used for discussions and projects based on the Cyber, Village and Academy foci, and also for enrichment or extra support activities. Students should always have a book with them in case there is time for free reading. In addition to working with the students on various projects, the advisor's responsibility is to be a contact person for parents, monitor the student's progress and recommend additional support when needed. The advisor also manages the community service projects and individualized learning plans with the students. Please be sure to check the Advisory Moodle page often for information.