Class Policies



The lesson plans will be posted into Moodle including on-campus days and online days. The course will be updated on Monday of the week (or beginning) so you will know your assignments for the week.  Assignments will be labeled if they are an online assignment or an assignment that will be done by a certain date.

On-Campus Days

Our main on-campus days will follow this structure.  When you walk in, you should get out your notebook to start the bell ringer and the previous day’s assignment.  Once the class gets a chance to think about the bell ringer, we will then discuss it. Note that this should not take more than 5 minutes!  Please be timely and focused.

We will then discuss questions from yesterday’s work, you are expected to complete the work from the previous day by class time the next day.  After handing in the work, we will then have the main discussion of the day, usually building off of a previous topic or presenting brand new information.  This is a great time to write things down in your notes.

We will close the class by having a brief work period (5-10 minutes) to get started on the assignment.  You are expected to work outside of class to finish it by the next day.  This is also a time that I hand back assignments from previous days.

On-Campus Homework

This term is an assignment that is given on an on-campus day and due by the next on-campus day.  If an assignment is given on Monday, it will be due by Tuesday.  If it is given on a Wednesday, it actually isn’t due till the following Monday.  This work is to provide feedback as to how you are doing.  The feedback happens when we have discussion over it the next day and my notes on your assignments.  Here is a rubric of the grading.

0 points

Under 25% completed or less than 30% of assignment is correct

1 points

Over 25% completed and less than 30% of assignment is correct

2 points

Over 50% completed and 50% of the assignment is correct

3 points

Entirely Completed and over 70% of the assignment is correct

Online work

Your Thursdays and Fridays will be “online” days and if you do not complete the work you will be marked absent. (It’s just like missing class!)  You will be primarily doing ALEKS over the online days, however that may not be your only assignment.  Expect forums, questionnaires, videos, and various other assignments to be present in your online work.  It is best to readily check your assignments each week.


You will be given an ALEKS account (if you do not have one already) at the beginning of the year.  We will not be using the “pie” like we have in the past, but instead we will be using “objectives”.  You are expected to complete a chapter’s worth of topics by the end of the chapter.  Moodle will have the specifics and thresholds each week.  Please stay on pace. Your score is determined from the completion of the topics for the week.


Students will be graded on a weighted system.  The system is shown below.

Daily Work/ALEKS                      50%                

Assessments                              50%

Remember that just because you are completing assignments and turning them in, that does not mean you will receive a “good grade”.  Assignments should be quality work and grades are a reflection on what you know rather than what you can get done.  You may retake tests if you score below 70%.

Help with Homework:

If you need help with anything you are expected to come see me for help  The best times would be before school or after school.  For the online days, the best way to reach me would be by email.  Do not hesitate to ask for help, your success is very important.  Please remember that some topics may be difficult to some, but I just ask that you try your best and ask questions.


- Begin class promptly and have everything ready to go

- Ask for help when they need it (on-campus and online)

- Students will complete all work and contact a teacher if something arises

- Students will be focused and ready to learn in the classroom