Class Information

5th Grade -This year we'll be exploring a variety of topics, including experimental design and variables, renewable energy, simple machines, rock cycle, biomes, and more!
6th Grade-6th grade is all about physical sciences.  We start with models and designs, followed by mixtures and solutions.  We'll then discuss waves, motion, and rockets!
7th Grade- The seventh graders are learning about life science.  We'll start with cells and microscopes, move on to genetics (including all the fascinating and controversial things happening with genetic engineering), evolution, ecology, and dissecting frogs!
8th Grade - 8th grade is all about the Earth.  We'll begin with a study of rocks and the rock cycle.  We'll then look into the layers of the Earth and plate tectonics.  The second semester will focus on weather and space.
9th Grade - Physical science.  We'll spend the first semester on physics, including motion, waves, and optics.  The second semester will cover basic chemistry.