Cyber Village Academy
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Program Overview
Cyber Village Academy offers two distinct programs to meet students' different needs, Fusion and PASCAL. Students identify which program they wish to participate in when they initially enroll in the school. Usually students stick with the program they initially choose, but some students do switch from one to the other to find what works best for them.

Fusion: On-Campus & Online Grades 3-12

CVA has pioneered an educational approach that is unique in the United States: students spend 2.5-3 days in classes on campus and 2-2.5 days at home online each week. This dynamic fusion of on-campus and online learning helps students develop collaborative skills while also learning to manage their studies using technology tools at home. During online days, a Study Center is also available on campus to all students. The Fusion program appeals to students and families who want the flexibility of an online program, the group interaction of an on-campus learning environment, and the personal attention that a small school can offer. For a more detailed description of the Fusion program, click here.

PASCAL: Our 100% online program for grades 3-12

PASCAL (Program for Accelerated Studies Using Computer-Assisted Learning) is a 100% online program for grades 3 through 12. Younger students study Language Arts, Science, Global Studies, and Math, including Pre-Algebra and Algebra, online. High School students have wider choices. Each subject is supported by a highly qualified licensed teacher and aligned to MN standards. The PASCAL program provides flexibility and accountability to meet a range of student needs. Click here for more information on PASCAL.
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