Fusion Program

On-Campus & Online grades 3-12

Beginning in 1997, CVA pioneered an educational approach that remains unique in the United States: students spend 3 days in classes on campus and 2 days online each week, generally participating from home or our own Study Center. This dynamic fusion of on-campus and online learning helps students develop collaborative skills, organizational skills, time management techniques and self-motivation. Students also learn to manage their studies using technology tools at home. During online days, a Study Center is available on campus to all students.

The Fusion program appeals to students and families who want the flexibility of an online program, the group interaction of an on-campus learning environment, and the personal attention that a small school can offer.


The Fusion program curriculum emphasizes high standards, thinking skills, research strategies, an international outlook, and the examination of multiple perspectives. Students in all grades get science, social studies, PE, and arts nearly every day.

CVA Fusion students in Grades 3-8 take classes in seven to eight core subject areas every quarter: Arts, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Technology. Students in grades 5-8 also have Spanish classes each quarter.

Exciting community events such as History Day, Science Fair, and the Community Service Fair give students a chance to demonstrate their independent learning. The Spring Musical, field days and field trips are an integral part of the Fusion curriculum and are scheduled regularly.

School Culture

We heart imageQuirky Kids!

Students come to us for a small school experience and, in many cases, because they want a place they can be, as one parent put it, "comfortable in their own skin." While we maintain and enforce behavior expectations much like many other schools, we recognize that every student expresses themselves in different ways, and we welcome that. As a result, CVA has an environment where differences, quirks and unique characteristics are respected and enjoyed.

The Student/Family handbook goes into greater detail about school policies and practices.

Community Service

Every spring, students in Grades 3-8 participate in their own, self-designed community service experiences. After spending 20 hours volunteering for the organization or individuals of their choice, a Community Service Fair gives students the opportunity to show and discuss what they've learned from their projects.

Community and Service
Ideas for Service & Journal Forms