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We're glad you're considering enrolling at CVA!

Cyber Village Academy has 2018-19 openings in several grade levels!

To begin the enrollment process, please complete and return the enrollment form below. If you have any questions, please call 651-523-7170 ext. 100 or email Smita Corpron.
Step 1- Submit Enrollment Form to CVA
If you'd prefer we send you a hard copy of the forms, call 651-523-7170 ext 100. Start with the enrollment form. If you are enrolling more than one child, please complete one enrollment form for each student. Once completed, send it to the school via email, fax, mail - or drop it off at school.
Step 2 - Fill Out and Return Signed Registration Forms

After receiving the enrollment form, we will contact you regarding available space for the student(s). If space is available, we will ask you to complete a registration packet consisting of the following forms. Please complete all forms and return them to CVA promptly.
Step 3 - Sign Up for Orientation

All students and at least one parent/guardian must attend an orientation session prior to starting school in order to learn about our school and our software systems.

Orientation sessions are held in August and early September prior to the beginning of the school year and by appointment during the school year. These sessions take place on campus and last 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Sign up by calling or emailing  Smita at 651-523-7170 ext. 100.

Step 4 - Intake Meeting (Optional)

If your child has or needs an IEP, 504 or should be considered for Gifted/Talented services, please let Willa at the front office know and you will be contacted by the appropriate staff member for a meeting to make sure your child is properly placed and supported at Cyber Village Academy.