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Wireless SSL More Info

CVA's student wireless network is filtered for inappropriate content.  All internet traffic from the student network must first go through this filter located in the "cloud".  To allow our filter to see all HTTPS traffic, you must install a custom SSL certificate specific to CVA's network that tells your computer's/device’s web browser that it can trust CVA's filter to look inside any HTTPS traffic.

Unlike your bank's website whose SSL certificate is registered on the internet so you don't need to install it, the SSL certificate we're asking you to install is not registered on the internet because it's specific to CVA's network and CVA's internet content filter.

Without this certificate, your computer's browser will deny access to CVA's filter to inspect the traffic and will simply block you from going to HTTPS websites like Gmail, YouTube, and Wikipedia for example. 

Again, this is specific to CVA's student network.  When you are on any other network you will not be going through CVA's filter.  Your browser will not be asked by CVA's filter if it's OK to look inside HTTPS traffic so it will never need to reference the certificate and will not affect your internet browsing. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Coordinator.