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Coronavirus UpdateTop of Page

This page will be used to post all communications and resources for families, students and the greater community during this uncertain time in the country. Please do not hesitate to reach out to CVA by phone (651-523-7170 ext. 103) or email.  We are here to support our community during this time.
Please note that there will not be any changes to the PASCAL program, except for office hours for teachers.  Fusion students will be experiencing the major changes that are outlined on this page.  
Click here to complete a survey giving feedback on our transittion to 100% online learning and CVA as a whole!  
Please complete by April 15, 2020.

Distance Learning PlanTop of Page

Cyber Village Academy will provide a distance learning experience that will allow students to engage in curriculum and educational experiences that will allow access to appropriate educational materials and students will receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s). CVA will provide learning in a format that can be equitably accessed by all students. 
Cyber Village Academy (CVA) is in a unique position to be able to leverage our understanding and training in online learning which has been a key component of our school for 23+ years.  CVA will continue to take our past experiences and program for all of our students to move to 100% online learning environment. 33% of our students already learn 100% online, we will be altering our Fusion (hybrid) program to support the rest of our students to find success in the new learning environment.
Things to know:
  • Online interaction is expected daily: Live and recorded lessons will be available to support students.
  • 2-3 Live lessons will be provided Monday - Wednesday, recorded lessons will be provided for the other classes. Please check the Daily schedule document for more information.
  • Staff will have office hours daily to support students throughout the day. In addition, students can arrange individual meetings with staff to support them during the week.
  • Attendance will be based on students logging in to Moodle daily
  • Comparable services will be provided for students who qualify for Special Education, ADSIS, ELL or 504 Plans.
  • PASCAL programming will remain the same, except office hours on Thursday and Friday will replace the study center option.
  • Updated Grading Procedures: Click here.
To see our detailed plan please click here.

Important DocumentsTop of Page

Student Expectations:Please read student expectations during our distance learning. All student handbook policies and guidelines continue to be expected.
Confidentiality Notice:  Please read attached document to understand data privacy and confientiality expectations during distance learning.

External ResourcesTop of Page

Virtual Calming Room: Click here to access District 196 resource
Internet Resources: Click here
A lot of companies are offering free or reduced rates on internet, or opening up hotspots for people to access for free. Here are a few of the resources available.
General Resources from PACER: Mental Health, Self-care, Stress, Government Resouces, Food, Academic, etc.:  Click here
AcademicsResource Document
(Virtual field trips, K-10 MCA Prep, Science Experiments, etc.)  

Summer InformationTop of Page

Summer Building Hours:  Monday - Thursday: 9am - 1pm by appointment only
Summer Drop Off:  Please contact the main office at 651-523-7170 to arrange drop-off of items.
Contact less - curbside drop-off will be used whenever possible. In the event that you must come into the building, one person per family will be allowed in and a mask is required.
Registration for the 20-21 School Year: Information will be posted and messages will be sent to registered families by early July!
Summer Support Document & Resources:
Please click here for more information on support and resources available for the summer. 
If your family or student has additional needs please email by clicking here